Sunday, March 20, 2011

Purimshpiel + Schmekel

Alright, we are back at the hotel where we are about to pack up our stuff as we leave first thing in the morning for Washington DC. Purimshpiel - my first ever live encounter with the Jewish festival radicalised by Jews of left-wing, social justice convictions - was fantastic, albeit not without confusion and embarassment: we had no cash at hand (could not get an ATM machine to spew my money out either) so we could not pay the entry fee, which left us at standing around the stage at the back of the building where the performances took place. After the first installation about the domestic workers' rights bill, people flocked out and down into the basement of St Cecilia's church where we followed the sign to the dancefloor, which was not really a dancefloor, but a performance stage for - drumrolls - Schmekel! All trans guy, all Jewish punk band with incredibly hilarious songs like "Shark attack" (about the reassignment surgery(ies)), "Newmen with Old men names" (such is life, we don't have our Mongolian trans people use 16th, 17th century names, but hilarious nonetheless as I do recall from my internet brotherhood searches such name tendecies), "I'm sorry it's Yom Kippur", "Tranny Chaser" (I agree with the "sleazy"-ness of some people who eroticise trans bodies!), etc. Gyad haven't laughed that much in a long time!

I had fun tonight. And no, I could not find Jennie Livingston. Everyone looked kinda same, all decked up in drag and costumes, but nevertheless, if not for her, I would not have seen Schmekel - kudos, brothers! There are no accidents in life. Everything is pointing me in the direction I must go in. So kudos again.

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