Friday, April 22, 2011

Bare feet

Feet bare of cloth between the canvas shoes and skin, skin chaffing, reddening weeping, bare of socks, bare of intermediate mediums, bare of things made to protect, bare, bare... Bare and barren... Painfully barren, painfully ungainly, painfully awkward bare feet. Bare forever with nothing to cling onto them. Bare of their memories of sand and stones underneath, those rocky coastal lines that they walked, from one end to the other. Bare of their learned cruising, pedalling from one city to another. Skeleton bare. Weathered white bone bare. Bare of the warmth of hands kneading, cajoling, relaxing. Barest of the feet. Wrap them in gauze, but blood seeps through. Wrap them in bandages, but wounds fester. Unwrap them, marvel at pus eating at flesh, leave them bare again. That's all they deserve, bareness.

put on a face

put on a face                      a brave face, a dead face put on a face and go. put on a face                       a kind face, a br...