Friday, April 22, 2011

Courage Unfolds, etc.

IGLHRC made a great documentary on the Asian LGBT activism, here is the trailer. We're showing it on 17 May as well, with a panel discussion to go with it. Venue to be announced.

As for the etc part: heartbreak's no easy thing. Especially when you know you can help only this tiny much. This evening I met with a young couple who are at the verge of running away from home for the second time because their parents would not accept them. As I sat there listening to them, I wished for the Nth time we had a shelter for such young runaway or homeless LGBT kids. One day, when we do have such a shelter, I will no longer be tearing my heart apart. I will no longer sit up nights worrying about the exact nature of violence they are undergoing at home. I will no longer have heartbreaks.

put on a face

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