Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's official

I was informed around noon today that I was being given an "administrative leave" effective immediately upon receipt of the letter, pending investigation by the relevant body of the agency, Inspector General's Office (IGO), that will look into my LGBT-related, "manifest conflict of interest" activities. I had surrendered my UN pass, my mobile (so anyone trying to reach me on my mobile will have no luck), and cleared out my desk and drawer of my personal belongings, took my Yogyakarta Principles in English and Mongolian and left. As per the instructions, I can not contact any UNHCR employees, and I'm to stay available for the Inspector General's Office, Regional Representative and the Director of Department of Human Resources Management. So that's where things are presently. Given that my contract was only till the end of June, I will be let go after this "leave", for sure, but somehow that doesn't bother me at all. If disclosing the truth about the case because no action was being undertaken by the agency after provision of many an evidence of the extreme and violent nature of some of the characters interested in that case, and because of that omission one had to do what only one can do - tell their side of the story to ensure the safety of one's wife and one's community, but which never helped anyway, oh god... - brings about such an outcome, covered up by a seemingly rational "conflict of interests" argument (which is nothing but bull, given that as a very out queer UN employee my very breathing, walking, talking could have and must have been interpreted as a 'conflict of interests'), I say, "Bring it on!". My commitment stays with the most disempowered, most discriminated and most vulnerable people. No matter what.

put on a face

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