Thursday, May 26, 2011

More dreams

Could not go to sleep for a long time, the excitement. The biology book I am reading these days finally put me to sleep, and woke up full hour before I even stir these days. Had a dream. There was this couple in Japan we were friends with, a Japanese trans guy and his Taiwanese girlfriend. He had not begun his transition at the time, but he was serious about it. He still lived as a woman, selling prescription glasses in a female drag, because that's what he had to do in a society that is rigid in its gender expression boundary for women and men, especially in an ordinary daily life, notwithstanding the long cultural traditions of transgender expression in art, theatre and nowadays popular culture. His parents never accepted him when he came out as a lesbian in his teens. He hoped that his father especially would eventually come to accept his transgenderism. So the dream: I am visiting with them. I am a little curious because right around the time we left Japan, they had broken up after three years, and both had new girlfriends. But in my dream they were together and living in a different house. We were talking about things, and I suddenly realised that Yu-kun's voice was much deeper than it ever was. I asked him how long he had been doing the hormone replacement therapy, and he answered that he had begun the transition three years ago in 2008, and I was hugging him and crying, with happiness for him as well as for them because they were able to salvage their relationship. What tricked me first into thinking Yu-kun as still Yu-chan was that physically he was no different, he still had his breasts, and outwardly looked pretty much the same. But it was the voice that stopped me in my tracks. Talking about dreams, one of my last days in the States I had another, my true-self dream where I have miraculously undergone my chest reconstruction surgery, and everything had healed, and I was looking at my chest in the mirror and smiling ever so broadly: "Finally!". I can't begin to remember all the times I had similar dreams, but it was the first time I saw my chest with no pillows that deeply offended me since the age of ten when they started growing, making me realise that I was actually a girl. Roll on, June!


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