Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day seventeen

Arrrggghhhhhhh... Still no hot water. Still doing the ice-cold rub-rub in the mornings. It's been more than a month without hot water. If there is no hot water by 30 June, I will scream my head off at some municipal people. There is no way around the cold water any more. Especially now that my facial oil had increased five-fold. Literally an hour after I've washed my face - anti-bacterial, anti-acne soap, no less - it drips oil. Frequent washing of my face is resulting in my cheeks growing drier, with the most prominent part of the cheekbones increasingly acquiring parchment-like quality, while the rest of my face's getting oilier. So I'm getting acne. I used to get pimples from time to time, during the hottest periods of summer when the temperature would hit forties, but it's not even hot yet, not even in the vicinity of hot, an average nice day temperature this summer hovering around 25C, but I have a faceful of pimples. My head as well, starting from the hairline. I never had acne when I was going through puberty the first time around. As much as I hated the puberty with its various growths and freaky monthly bloods, I didn't have acne. Now I do. What fun. Beyond the body odour, there is the wee smell. Man, I never realised men had such stinky wee. Stinky wee I have now, too. It really does smell. And it ain't due to any change in the diet, mind you. Noticed the last 3-4 days some water retention, nothing I can't handle. Most probably I'm not drinking enough water is all. The feeling of happiness and ease persists.

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