Monday, June 6, 2011

Day two and a half

Not much to report. Except that I immediately felt something happening with my throat these two and a half days. As if it is being constricted, I have an urge to constantly clear my throat, which is surely irritating people around me. A little tender around the heart area, good thing I've given up smoking, no relapses, been very good. Gave the three boxes of smoke I had to a friend. The injection site is still kinda tender, which is apparently quite natural. No emotional changes, just very satisfied, very calm. Had three things throughout the day that would've set me off, nothing. Also started eating healthy as well, which for me means a grain-based breakfast as opposed to the usual no-breakfast, and at least one meal during the day. I am not doing all these health-conscious steps because I want to live longer, it's just that I do want a quality of life and I do not want to burden anyone with my problems if I don't take care of myself and end up very ill. As someone single and someone who plans on being single for the rest of my life, I have to consider all these things.

put on a face

put on a face                      a brave face, a dead face put on a face and go. put on a face                       a kind face, a br...