Friday, June 17, 2011

Human Rights Council, et cetera

Where shall I start. Today's an historic day for the queer people around the world: the Human Rights Council passed a resolution about two hours ago to investigate globally into the human rights violations against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. It's the first of its kind, and it is a landmark resolution. We really hoped Mongolia would co-sponsor the resolution, but we're not yet fully sure whether it did. Even if it did not, it can still co-sponsor the resolution even after the vote tonight (this morning in Geneva ). The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia was operative in ensuring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was appraised of the vote taking place. The UN Acting Resident Coordinator had also urged Mongolia to co-sponsor this landmark resolution. Definitely the first. So more work to be done from next week since Mongolia can not undertake promises at the Universal Periodic Review, pass a government resolution to implement UPR recommendations that mention specifically addressing non-discrimination against LGBT people (passed on 18 May 2011), and then not show a strong support on the international scene. 

The et cetera part: day thirteen already! Can't say I am noticing any more changes than I've already spoken about previously. Except no more headaches now, or maybe I just do not notice them at all. Ah yeah, a strange thing: I am much more alert when I wake up. I mean, I am up and rearing to go the second I wake up, exquisitely awake. As opposed to my usual morning ordeal: wake up, roll over, sigh, roll over, wish for more sleep, roll over, open my eyes, close my eyes, stay still, drift in and out of sleep, alarm, wake up, roll over, etc. Also my appetite is truly voracious, have been truly hungry. My cold's pretty much gone, thankfully, but with that, this new me smell came back, obviously. It's so different. It really is. Ah, got my chest binder from the T-Kingdom, Taipei (high five, guys!) yesterday. Very comfortable. Fits well. Worth the extra I had to shell out to exchange for a better fitting one (for the postage of the item, not for the exchange per se). Should give them advice as to the measurement description though, confused the hell out of me the first time. The effect: not as flat as when I get it when I bind it with bandages, but quite good. Considering the size of my chesticles, it looks pretty ok, I'd say. Plus it's a lot more comfortable than bandages that can ride up and down, or even unravel at the most inconvenient time. Been trying to get as much information as possible on changes described by guys who are on the same T that I am on. One of them said that he felt like mooing like, you know, a cow, and if anyone else had such a feeling. And then it hit me: the throat constriction feeling I had the first few days, clearing my throat all the time and making kind of like "Ooo" sound, which is pretty much a moo without an 'm', that was it!

My bro dropped by with his girl to get the further details a few days ago. He looked a bit apprehensive, and he was listening hard to my voice, but hey, can there be so much change in 10 days as such?! Don't think so. I'm simply thinking he realised that once it's done, there is no turning back, that it's final. Sure, some people may find after the HRT began that their gender dysphoric feelings had really nothing to do with their gender identity as such, or that after all, they could not pass the "real life test", and they've been known to stop. But for me, this is it. I could never go back.

And that's pretty much it. At this point. Oh, I realised that some people had un-friended me on Facebook that I've only begun using recently, like two and a half months ago. Won't name names, but that kinda really bothered me, it did. To simply judge someone like that without even bothering to see where they are coming from...To be so sure of their judgement, too. Made me curiously aware that it's only the first wave of such rejection. With many more waves to follow, most probably.

PS: Just saw official press releases - Mongolia had not signed as a co-sponsor. Annoying. A step forward, two back. A delicate dance. Which should not be so delicate. Once you make a commitment, you make it. End of the story.

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