Saturday, July 30, 2011

August blog of note, etc.

So it's only a few days till August begins, but I've already started following publicly one blog just now. It's called LW and it's a blog about all things lesbian, bisexual and FTM. I am specifically following this blog because this is the first time I am seeing a non-trans Mongolian try to be inclusive of us, trans folks. The blogger does not delve into her inner world through words, it's more of a visual sharing of the world as she sees it.

Etc part: I spent Thursday night hanging out with some rocker kids (who were mostly straight, except for a couple who I thought were gay, but not so much, just queer), yesterday with a queer riot-punk-grrl scene friend (since the scene is absent here, she's obviously a foreigner) - all under the pretext of a shower. As a consequence, I had three showers in 24 hours, more than all showers together in the previous 76 days! I finally felt clean. The municipality is finishing the pipe replacement for our part of the city by Monday, I was told. When at Zulzaga's, I realised it's been such a long, long time since I'd sat down with people, talking more or less apolitical things: music, bands, instruments, etc, and listening to good music. I realised I have to introduce them to more quirkier sides of the rock music that they seem to be missing, mostly I heard late 90s hardcore metal coming out of the speakers. Nevertheless, I had a blast. I can see myself hanging out with those kids. Kids because they are all barely twenty, if that. What really took me aback was that those kids were good, intrinsically good, non-evil, innocent. So different from whatever I'd been experiencing. All I want is peace in my life. Peace and uncomplicated people. Uncomplicated friendships. Simplicity, peace. And I am getting it. 

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