Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 34, random

Not so much of a transition update. Just an update on life in general. Started taking calcium about 3-4 days ago, a month into the HRT, i.e. Acne's settling a bit, still quite bad though. A friend recommended I use some antibiotic-based cleanser, have to hunt for it. The appetite's normal, as in increased normal. My neck appears to be bulging little by little as the necklace I had pre-T appears to get higher every few days I remember to look at it. The body odour is killing me. It's getting stronger every day. Plus my hair really stinks by the end of the day. I am often finding that it's just so strong, and unpleasant. I do hope to get used to it soon...

Otherwise, life goes on. Hope to help out with advocacy and youth programme manager recruitment for the Centre - apply, peeps! Really looking forward to Huvsgul trip. Never been, very excited. Might even look up my rellies who have a camp out there. Although they may no longer even acknowledge my existence. But who cares, as long as I am friendly and open and lovely - I have not changed, I am just externalising what was inside, folks. Please stop your fainting. Love the fact that I am getting some interaction on my blog from readers - thank you, Бөбөг and Anonymous, especially - it's been fun, I don't know what I was scared of when I was vehement about not opening up commenting. 
Try Asia - 2011 is over. I volunteered to do some translations/interpretations for them free of charge, really enjoyed interpreting the opening and closing ceremonies - if I can't donate money, I will donate my time to worthy causes. I am very proud of these guys, Undrakhbayar from the Universal Progress Center and Avirmed akh from the Association of Wheelchair Citizens. On my way to the flash mob to remember 1 July (you can see my head between Ankhaa and Baya on the lower right corner of the picture by Үндэсний тойм), I bumped onto two of the participants as they were rolling around the bumpy roads of Ulaanbaatar. I was not at all surprised to learn that the biggest number of wheelchairs was broken in Ulaanbaatar, while two other teams fared rather well on their trips to Darkhan, Erdenet, Baganuur, Central province, etc. So much needs to happen to ensure disabled people in Mongolia are able to live in dignity. Signing off.

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