Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 44

Not much to report. Just did my next shot. After rub-bathing in the coldest possible water for the sixty third or fourth day. While visiting mom, we had visitors: a herd of my cousins on mom's side descended one evening, on their way back to the city, and among them was my newly graduate doctor cousin who told me that my only doctor-cum-guitarist friend has been looking for me. My bad. I had a chance to take down all the numbers I kept on my work mobile before I had to relinquish it on 7 April, but somehow I missed her name. When I realised that, I also realised that I had truly just the faintest idea of how to get in touch with her. Thankfully B. still had my cousin's number. Phew. After a long talk to B. on 2 March evening when I was explaining why she needed to start doing her residency in endocrynology - for my sake, and other trans people's sake, who are already in the process, or soon to start - I lost the sight of her. 

To get back to the matter at hand: things are progressing normally, or as normal as they can get. After two and a half months I will get my tests done to see things are going as per the book, and I will need B's help in case the readings are off the charts. Good thing that my cousin's also a doctor, even if just freshmeat barely out of school. This past week when I had some free time to myself, all I could think of was sex. Very annoying. Fairly powerful. Fairly... expected as well. Too much info. Come to think of it, I rarely ever think, that is, thought of sex on a habitual basis. To make someone my sex toy is an appealing idea, but the messiness of it all: very few people get the idea of sex for the sex's sake. Often good sex is also confused with emotions. Or even a state of being together. So will probably give it a skip.

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