Saturday, July 23, 2011

Half a year

Give or take. Much water seems to have flown under the bridge. When I look back, I see but a few milestones significant to me: the beginning of my transition is first and foremost. Separation is another. Going on an indefinite "leave", yet another. Reaching some life-altering decisions - peace, detachment, reclaiming of my own life beyond the structures and strictures it was moored in - in the past two weeks or so, yet another. 

Most of my life I've lived in a transient state, eternal nomad, stopping in places for only long enough to get the feel and move on. Some moves were voluntary, some were forced. Some were physical, most were emotional. The only settled period of my life had ended half a year ago. And it still pains me. Not as much as it did the first few months. I have to move on, start building my life again, which is why I have chosen to step down from the board of the Centre. And that reclamation process begins with acquisition of some necessary furniture.

I'll hopefully have a hundred or two extra this month since I reached a new financial arrangement with my ex, so I'll be able to shell out at the end of this month on a locally made sofa to start with, shouldn't be more than hundred fifty thousand, to sit, work and sleep on to replace my yoga-matt width, thin travel mattress that one of my colleagues from the HQ left last year in the office when he finished his Mongol Rally run. Next month perhaps get a book shelf, a low sprawl, horizontal one, a part of which will also serve as a table, a multi-purpose affixture beyond housing my books that I am yet to unpack. And month after that a table, a proper table to sit on and write my stuff. Rewrite, edit and collate mostly, as it is. It's quite annoying but there are no second hand furniture stores here. Everything is used and reused till it falls to pieces, or passed onto rellies and friends, so people don't seem to need such stores. 

Half a year. Give or take. Back into the nomadism. But there is a big difference between my nomadism now and then: this time my nomadism is to last.

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