Friday, July 22, 2011

Landlady mystery question solved

So the landlady asked me a few days ago if it was me on TV talking about homosexuals, and I'd been worried since then. Of course, my response was affirmative, I never had a reason to hide anything as transparency and truthfulness are the best and only option in all situations, since I had learnt from childhood that it's "Best to expose well than to hide poorly". Nevertheless I was quite surprised "Recently? Interesting, I didn't do any interviews recently, must've been a repeat of one or the other interview". I just found out from the community kids that apparently during the naadam holidays NTV repeated the issue Otgoo and I appeared on Nandia's Show back in November 2010. And obviously many more people saw it now/recently as people wouldn't have been doing what I was doing during the long week of holidays: not watching TV, being cut off from civilisation (literally, no mobile or internet coverage in the part of Bulgan province I was in), enjoying myself and helping mom around - every other day - on the vegetable patch, pushing a cart of 70 litres of water a few times over, watering onions, radish, cucumbers and a few others mom planted this year. Her entire patch is a mere 20 square metres, but man, it takes some effort especially given nearly 40 degrees of heat during the day. So yes, many more people saw it, I am glad for it, people are talking about LGBT people, a much needed public discourse. As long as I'm not asked to vacate my present studio unit, I don't care. No other landlords take rent monthly, usually requiring a lumpsum payment of at least 6 months, which is impossible to manage for me at this point with what I'm living on these days. In case I am asked to vacate, it will be near impossible to find another place that accepts rent on a monthly basis. So I dearly hope they don't ask me to leave...

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  1. I saw that programm too but in July with my mom sitting next to me. She was ohhhhhh myy good repeatedly saying. But i was inside supporting you guys, i wanted to help you out the way i can, wanna say youre not alone. i strongly support lgbt community from the bottom of my heart. And i want to share my support in real life face to face. One day i hope my wish will come true.


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