Friday, July 22, 2011

To party or not to party...

There's a women-only party tonight. Been wrecking my brains - should I? I've tons of stuff to do, and then again, it's a women only party. Hhhhmmmm. FYI, many trans guys do come from women-identified spaces, so we end up hanging out in our comfort zones, at the lesbian spaces, even after our transition. At least, initially. But I hadn't seen the same chilled attitude from girls here. If I had, I wouldn't be hestiating thanks to my blueballs these days. Again, do I fancy going to that space, hanging out by myself (had my bro been here, would've gotten him to accompany me, what all him breaking up with his girl recently, very sad), NOT drink (I'm limiting my alcohol intake to 1-2 a month), somehow pick up a chick, take her to a hotel (no bed at home, just a singlest single mattress) and... fall asleep on top of her?! I've been known to do that. Will finish the stuff I need to do and then see, maybe.

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