Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beard +

A very quick update: I really need to go out and buy an electric razor. My moustache's quite grown, quite visible for a month, but tonight I noticed for the first time that there's a light beard sprouting on my lower chin - woot! Might even grab an extra one as a gift to my bro. Who's having his third period following the commencement of the HRT. Unfortunate, but afterall he's young which might mean that his body's going slower through the process compared to mine. 

Plus: A big National Coming Out Day party is in the making! I enlisted two very enthusiastic co-conspirators so far. We're about to re-invent the way we, queer folk, party here, for better! Brothers and sisters have been giving a few worthwhile suggestions, definitely to be incorporated.

Another news: bade farewell to Miriam Ehrenberg from the Institute of Human Identity, NYC who very kindly did a workshop for psychologists and some social workers on psychology-101 of working with LGBT people, organised by the LGBT Centre. The Centre got her a very small souvenir, a felt decoration with a khatan suih, a traditional Mongolian symbol for women, femininity, feminine beginnings. The funny thing is, both of us observed, the symbol is all angular, while the khaan tereg, the symbol for men, masculinity, masculine beginnings, is all curvers and round. The reversal to that of the symbolic representation for feminine and masculine in the West. What might it signify, in the bigger scheme of things, I do not know, interesting fact to mull over and, perhaps, come up with another half-baked theory of mine.

One more: my childhood friend freaked out last night when I showed her the dude I caught on my mobile phone camera who was following me. Fine, let people follow me. But this dude had THE symbol on his right sleeve, on a white round background against the overall red background. I don't see the point of going to the police as they did not handle very well the fact that I was so obviously followed on a few occasions, they never took those Lunar New Year events seriously. I had to recount endlessly to three investigators about what happened, but what was the end result?! Nada. Even with what followed in various media with death threats against me and my colleague. And even if they do apprehend this dude, let's say they can identify him from the picture I took of him, most probably the measures will be against him alone, not structurally. If not structurally, why, the others would simply retaliate, faster than a lightening from what we know about how they operate now. Such is life here for me. Would one life assassinated prove to be a blessing to my community? Sure it would. Am I ready for that kind of sacrifice? Maybe. Signing off.

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