Monday, August 22, 2011

Clean break

Clean break is what's needed in my life at this point. So I'm choosing that as the only available option. In many things. Like with people whom I had shared my life space for two years in the university. One of them just called me and asked me if I was informed about the recent class get-together, which I wasn't. Not that I'm anyway interested in having anything to do with people who would stand by idly and let homophobic/transphobic and classist bullshit be spewed from certain someone. That September evening 2009, last time I saw some of them, was quite enough. Had no more desire to see them. Much like with people who continue to insist on calling me female pronouns, etc, who are, by that very token, continuing to deny my reality of a transman. Why would I spend any energy or time on such people? That's why the clean break. Making sure why I can no longer associate with them is quite important. So I am doing a lot of that these days, clarifying and breaking clean. For better.

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