Friday, August 26, 2011

Musically challenged

So there is this disco somewhere in the vicinity whose sounds reach my finely attuned musical ears, or so I tell myself, every night starting from 9pm. And they're fucking playing Dieter Bohlen the whole night. Plus some crappy Russian disco pop. En route to Terelj today the driver was playing CC Catch. She was a very pretty chick from what I remember interviewing her in 2003 when she came to Mongolia to do a concert at the UB Palace. A little guarded, a little "I-am-my-own-woman", a little... dykey. (Someone I know will probably laugh "Yeah, everyone's gay in your eyes". No, not really, only the gay ones.) Pretty. I had a gig then for the UBS TV as their high-profile star-interviewing person. She had a huge entourage although she never really truly made it big beyond Europe... But her entourage was something to behold. Entourage that overshadowed other so-called (mostly has-been) international stars I had interviewed from August 2002: Liz Mitchell of Boney M, Alsou, Bad Boys Blue, etc. But this is effing 2011. I mean COME ON! I like partying to good music, however, a) I ain't partying, I am trying to sleep; b) that just ain't good music. And this total crap offends my ears every night. Tonight it's just plain pissing me off. Don't know why. It's 2011 is probably why. There's literally tons and tons of decent party music available by this point in musical history. And that disco, plus most other discos in Ulaanbaatar, mind you, insists on playing the 80s pop crap. It's either me who's musically totally challenged, or it's THAT place. Really pissed off. Need to rock out to proper, decent shit after this audio assault today.

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