Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 108

Nothing much to add in terms of the changes. They are persistent, and I am happy. My next shot's in 3 weeks, so need to get my blood works done in a week's time to monitor the levels as well as liver and kidney function as they can get affected by the HRT.

PS: The strangest thing is my facial structure is kind of changing. Noticed it a few weeks ago, but was sure it was merely a play of light. But today saw some of my pics from a few nights ago at a Nisvanis performance (Amgaa, you still rule, dude!), and indeed my jaw's becoming heavier-looking. Some people asked if I put on weight, but nothing changed in my diet, so it's gotta be the bone structure itself.


  1. wow, so your bones are moving? I mean they're growing?

  2. Well, apparently bones become denser with the HRT for FTMs. Some guys report that their heads or feet've become a little bigger since the HRT. For guys who they begin the HRT while in their teen years, the testosterone can cause a spurt of growth, as in, they can become taller. Go figure.


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