Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 97

A very quick transition update, although there's little of significance that's worth reporting. Everything's progressing as it should. It's the beginning of the fourth month on T, nearly 100 days, the first of many more hundreds of days to come since I've come to embody myself finally, fully. 

My voice: I caught up with many community folk during Mr Gay Mongolia attended by over 200 people (although the event was truly more of a transgender women's pageant rather than anything remotely resembling Mr Gay elsewhere) many of whom I had not seen for months. Some were delighted, some a bit apprehensive about the changes they saw in me. It's a diverse community after all, not everyone will have the same level of understanding or acceptance of what I'm going through, and that's just a reality that is fully accepted.

Hair: A week ago I finally bought the electric razor I was after to start shaving as it was a necessity already where a very light beard was sprouting on my chin, which simply shouts "Pubescent boy!" Chest and stomach are getting hair, too. Not surprisingly as my uncles on mother's side are all extremely hairy dudes for Mongolians. Their faces look blue from the stubble and shaving, they always seem to have a 3pm shadow, a rarity in itself in Northeast Asian men.

Emotions: Very stable. Very in the head/mind/body - aware, able to snap out of emotional situation and able to see the emotions and the situation separately. But... very tired. The exhaustion's on the spiritual level, or so it feels. I'm sort of immobile. Stuck. Immersed in a vat of liquid freezing agent, frozen is how I feel. I guess autumn's affecting me already with its melancholy feel and echoes of the frosts and snows to come. 

And yeah, the one other not so pleasant side effect of the HRT is driving me up the wall. Will avoid the TMI. Signing off.

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