Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meditation, poetry, body, etc.

I started doing a Vipassana meditation with my counsellor a couple of months ago, and from this week I've started doing the longer versions, twice a day. It feels amazing, and feels right. With my previous various meditation techniques it often felt forced, as in I was making a lot of effort. But with this technique, I'm so much more simply aware, mindful.

The etc part: I decided to remember my body as well from this week. I'd planned to get up this morning quite early to go to the nearby gym, woke up, saw the overcast sky, the chilly look, so went back to bed. But will start working out, it's definitely in my priority list of things to do.

It looks like an early autumn's descending on Ulaanbaatar. I venture outside only rarely, once or at most twice a week the last month, but it really looks like I could chill my brains out if I stepped outside. It wasn't much of a summer, this year, the coldest summer in recent memory. And now it's autumn already.

I discovered newly one Mongolian poet whose same-sex attractions and even love are thinly veiled in number of poems. Indeed delightful. If a bit depressing.

My sixth month in banishment begins today. What a year.


  1. Өвөр, хөхийг бүтээх үс чинь
    Өөр нэгнийх, гэхдээ эр хүнийх болно,, гэдэг үү?

  2. Тийм тийм. Сүүлийнх нь ном "Эрвээхэйн зүүд"-ийг шинжилж сууна одоо :)

  3. Эмэгтэй хүн эмэгтэй хүний тухай бичсэн шүлэг энд байсан.


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