Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Some rambling's due. Nothing much to ramble about, just realised today I haven't been writing in my blog as often as I should've. October this year has been a bonus month of warmth that the summer lacked. Sunny days, a bit of rain here and there. Frozen puddles in the mornings, not that I am up and out early in the mornings, but the ice stays on till early afternoon. Temperature during the day hovers around 15C. Indian summer, a la Mongolie. I'm hanging out most days with friends, pretty much every day, or every other day. Good talk. Good vibes. Memories to last. Had my T shot on Saturday, already four and a half months passed since I began the HRT, amazing how time flies. No limping this time, a doc friend did my shot and showed me the proper angle to do it at. My voice's becoming rumblier and rumblier. It's definitely changing even from what I heard in my August audio recordings. Another news is my cousin's kid found me online after many years, haven't seen her since she was a toddler, she now would be in her early to mid-twenties. A staunch human rights supporter, among her causes Tibet and LGBT rights. I was amazed, grateful and touched to see another one in the family vocal about human rights. A new generation's growing up, and that's beautiful. Asked so far two girls out on a date, both said they would prefer to remain friends, and if I remembered they were lesbians... I take it I'm the queerest thing around: a transman still in his birth body, and no lesbian would come near, so much fun. A few days ago I was overwhelmed by intense fear "What if this is it in terms of my love life?!" A reader said "Chill, just change your surroundings". She's right, of course.

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