Monday, February 27, 2012

For the record - 2

Yesterday I went to the Chingeltei district police station in the early afternoon with Otgonbaatar of the LGBT Centre, my comrade in arms for years now, to file the first instance report, and to get the court investigation hospital conclusion. After one and a half hours of waiting in the court investigation hospital for the doctor to come in (from a neighbouring building), the examining doctor told me that I needed a proper eye examination for him to write a full conclusion. Since all the eye clinics were closed, the eye examination had to be done this morning. Another comrade in arms, Baya, came with me today to both keep me the company and to document the whole process. The first examining doctor at the Orbita eye clinic told me to get the computer tomography scan to make sure the eyesocket was not broken, or damaged, so I called Songdo, got an appointment for later in the afternoon, got the CT scan done, and took it back to the doctor who glanced over the three huge sheeets of the CT scan, and said that nothing was broken, and told me to come back for a proper examination when the huge swelling goes down. At that point, I had to insist loudly on getting my right eye examined properly because I know that such injuries may not be easily recognisable on the surface, or even on CT scan. After raising my voice for ten minutes, I was given another doctor, who did all the necessary checks, read my CT scan very carefully and told me that I had a swollen retina and swollen schlera, and possibly an orbital fracture, but that I needed to get another examination in two weeks to determine whether it was indeed an orbital fracture. With that conclusion, I went to the court investigation hospital, got my examination, and took the papers back to the Chingeltei district police station. Now I wait for the call from the police for further investigation.

One funny thing that happened when I was filing the FIR yesterday was that one of the policemen recognised me as the dude from the 100%, and mistook Otgoo for another friend who just left last week for a few months. The hilarity did not end there. He said about Otgoo "This is your boyfriend, right? [to me] You're his boyfriend, right? [to Otgoo]" He obviously mistook Otgoo for T., a very good friend, whom he saw all the three times he came in when checking whether we were closed by midnight, which we always were. So I guess the cops of the vicinity take me for a gay guy :) They knew also that our bar was for the LGBT people as is another club in the same area, Hanzo :))

One more positive thing: there appears to be no doubt in anyone's mind that I'm a dude. Everyone I met over the last few months since October has been talking to me as a dude to a dude, or a girl to a dude. Although happy about the fact, I'm a little concerned about getting my documents examined, and being exposed as an impostor. I really need to change my ID, but since there is no regulation whatsoever, it remains a big problem for me. A long-term one.

One last thing: this Saturday's attack was by no means the first one since I transitioned. The first was on the morning of 4 December (a straight, drunk dude, no relations whatsoever, the first and last time I saw him), the second on the night of 22 December (a bisexual woman whom I took to be a friend till then), the third on the night of 24 December (a bisexual woman whom I became friends with from October, no longer under the category of friends), the fourth on 3 January (a straight, drunk dude, no relations whatsoever, the second time he came into the bar), and the fifth on 25 February (an ex of my sister's). None of the previous ones were as serious as this one, though.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the record

About 11:35-40pm last night I was attacked and beaten up by the ex-boyfriend of my sister's whom I knew since 2002-2003. It is the prerogative of the owner of any establishment to choose its clientele, however I got beaten up because I asked him to leave right that moment. He had beaten up my mother back in October 2003, the day I left for a conference in the USA. He also kicked my nephew from one end of the room to the other, in the same year. I never had anything to do with him since then until November 2011 when I started to help a friend to run 100%, the first LGBT bar in Ulaanbaatar. I did not recognise him when he came in in the middle of November with my friend. He recognised me, and was telling people that I must not pretend to be what I am not, and that I was only a woman. Last night he came in with a bunch of people I knew, but this time I recognised him as soon as he stepped a foot inside, and asked him to leave. He stepped close, grabbed my right arm and said "Let's go out together", to which I replied "I will not go out with you", and tried to free my arm, and was struck very hard twice very quickly on the right side of my face. I remember him saying "They say you're a real nice guy, huh?" while he was punching me. I told him "So you beat my mom, and you beat me. I won't leave this alone." I went into the kitchen after that. I seem to have a concussion, a chipped tooth, a shut right eye. I am going to the police now.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's, rose petal-strewn floor, upcoming surgery

Last year's singlehood for the Valentine's Day was the first in over 12 years. Much like this year as well. Except that I got a beautiful surprise from a friend who tricked me into thinking he was introducing me to his new date, and it turned out to be my own date, sitting downstairs in a romantically lit room with rose petals on the floor and the table, with a heart-shaped chocolate cake she baked herself... It was the first time someone did something like that for me, and the idea came from a guy who helped out my clueless date. 

Another good thing that came out from the Valentine's was that my bro came around with his girl and told me that our top surgery could be done here, that he found a place which would do it. And that he already got a surgery appointment for the end of June. I, too, got an appointment for a consultation with his surgeon, surely my surgery will be in the vicinity of his surgery date. By October I will be rubbing my hands over my bumpless, and hopefully well-muscled chest, and taking my shirt off for the parties!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Гюстав Климт, амьдрал, хайр, гүн ухаан, эзотерик ухаан бас бус

Нэг байтугай гурван хүнд алсаас дурлацан байна тэхүү. Тэгсэн чинь Гюстав Климтын энэ зураг санаанд буугаад...

Зөөөз ер нь надад мэдэх юм ховор л. Гэхдээ мэдэхээсээ илүү мэдэхгүй юм илүү өдөр байлаа. Уул нь лаг гоё өдөр байсан ч утгагүй өрнөсөөр утгагүй дууссан нэгэн өдөр. Өнгөрч буй өдрөө бодож, өөрийн үйлдэл, эс үйлдлээ бодож хэвтэх нь зан биш, мөн чанар болоод удаж. Хааяа гэхдээ, дэндүү хааяа "Фааааааааааааак" гэж орилмоор байсаар. Саяхан миний сэтгэл тодорхой хэмжээгээр алдраад байгаа хүн "Чи жинхэнэ эр хүн биш болохоор...." гэж надтай хоёр удаа ярихыг оролдсон. Аргаа ядаад усанд ороогүй, эр даавар маань ханхийсэн толгойгоо хүртэл үнэрлүүлсэн ч эхнээсээ тодорхой тохиролцлоор нийлсэн учир юу ч гэлтэй билээ. Гэхдээ л сэтгэл... сэтгэл ээ гэж... Тэгсэн зүрхний угт нэгийг бас бодоостой, санаастай... Өөр нэгд бас л сэтгэлийн уяа алдуураастай. Зовлонг жаргал хэмээн бодох нь гаж л юм даа.

"Зовлонг аз жаргал хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Аз жаргалыг зовлон хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Мөнх бусыг мөнх [нитья] хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Мөнхийг мөнх бус хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Би-бусыг Би хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Би-г Би-бус хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Ариун бусыг ариун хэмээн бодох нь гаж. Ариуныг ариун бус хэмээн бодох нь гаж." – Буддын сүүлийн сургаал болох Махаяна махапаринирванa судар (Нирваан судар)

Гэхдээ зовлон нь ч хааяа жаргалтай үе байдаг юм байна шүү, цаана чинь.


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