Sunday, February 26, 2012

For the record

About 11:35-40pm last night I was attacked and beaten up by the ex-boyfriend of my sister's whom I knew since 2002-2003. It is the prerogative of the owner of any establishment to choose its clientele, however I got beaten up because I asked him to leave right that moment. He had beaten up my mother back in October 2003, the day I left for a conference in the USA. He also kicked my nephew from one end of the room to the other, in the same year. I never had anything to do with him since then until November 2011 when I started to help a friend to run 100%, the first LGBT bar in Ulaanbaatar. I did not recognise him when he came in in the middle of November with my friend. He recognised me, and was telling people that I must not pretend to be what I am not, and that I was only a woman. Last night he came in with a bunch of people I knew, but this time I recognised him as soon as he stepped a foot inside, and asked him to leave. He stepped close, grabbed my right arm and said "Let's go out together", to which I replied "I will not go out with you", and tried to free my arm, and was struck very hard twice very quickly on the right side of my face. I remember him saying "They say you're a real nice guy, huh?" while he was punching me. I told him "So you beat my mom, and you beat me. I won't leave this alone." I went into the kitchen after that. I seem to have a concussion, a chipped tooth, a shut right eye. I am going to the police now.  

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