Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's, rose petal-strewn floor, upcoming surgery

Last year's singlehood for the Valentine's Day was the first in over 12 years. Much like this year as well. Except that I got a beautiful surprise from a friend who tricked me into thinking he was introducing me to his new date, and it turned out to be my own date, sitting downstairs in a romantically lit room with rose petals on the floor and the table, with a heart-shaped chocolate cake she baked herself... It was the first time someone did something like that for me, and the idea came from a guy who helped out my clueless date. 

Another good thing that came out from the Valentine's was that my bro came around with his girl and told me that our top surgery could be done here, that he found a place which would do it. And that he already got a surgery appointment for the end of June. I, too, got an appointment for a consultation with his surgeon, surely my surgery will be in the vicinity of his surgery date. By October I will be rubbing my hands over my bumpless, and hopefully well-muscled chest, and taking my shirt off for the parties!!!

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