Monday, March 26, 2012

My 200th post +

My 200th (!) post in my blog, a very upbeat one. I've got a tentative date for my surgeries, to get rid of the extra, offending bits! With my pension fund in (just found out this afternoon, hip-hip hurray!), I still don't have all the finances at this point, but with mom's contribution (she's giving me the family heirloom to help out with my surgeries and flights costs) I should be fine as long as I find some friends I can stay with in Bangkok. Just called her to let her know that my pension fund money has gone in, and that I was given a tentative date with a GRS hospital in Bangkok. She was relieved and happy to know that I no longer planned to get it done here. I am just extremely chuffed, and can't get the grin off my face. What happened during the last two months was that my mom seems to be getting around the idea of her child being a son, rather than a daughter. But with all she knew, with the dreams she had of me before she had me, with everything seers told her, she is finally accepting me.

As I was writing this entry I got a present from one of the beautiful, 2-metre tall people: an apron with a stuffed toy dick that you can flip out and wag around :)) How cute is that?! Might upload a picture of it when I get a semblance of a phone that has a camera ;)

Another minor kind of news: I got my first piercing last Friday, on my tongue. Didn't hurt at all, which is fantastic. It's still a bit uncomfortable and quite swollen, and no solid food, but I'm loving the feel of the round titanium on my tonuge. And when it heals over, I will be kissing girls left and right. Driving them to distraction. 

I love my life!

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