Saturday, March 10, 2012

They came - II

... He's seemingly an arrogant prick. People's first impression of him is often of arrogance, boredom, indifference to all that's happening around him. He is often all that, as well as much more than what's on the surface. Yes, however sublime, supreme indifference he can feign, and it's on the surface. He's one of the most feeling, vulnerable, open and sensitive souls that I met. That receptivity and immersion in people's energies must hurt him almost physically, making him often pretend to be arrogant. His transparent eyes are genuinely gentle, bespeaking of all the undercurrents of his tender soul. From the time I started spending a lot of time with him, I found myself truly fascinated by him. I had to think hard for a month before I realised my fascination with him was indeed a fascination with his soul rather than me being in love with him. He's definitely my soulmate, and his purpose in my life is to revive the concept of true friendship beyond external and internal differences. I am grateful to have him in my life, for he's staying in it.


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