Sunday, March 11, 2012

They came - III

... She sees everything, visible and invisible, speakable and unspeakable. She radiates love, compassion, warmth and humour. A tiny brilliant thing with the biggest heart ever, she is all heart. Incredibly sensitive to everything around her, she tunes into people's energies, and thoughts, since thoughts are energies. She reads thoughts as if they were spoken word, an astounding ability. When we first met, she read me like an open book, and must've liked what she saw for we immediately became friends, more so than with the girl she came to see that night. She is a seer true, although her eyes are often unfocused staring beyond what's obvious, material. I saw her, too. And I fell in love with what I saw, for I, too, am a seer of people's souls. The beautiful smile, eyes that crinkle into cheery lines, nostrils that flare up when she doesn't like what she sees, a big and brave heart, gentle yet passionate soul, honesty with everyone, including her own person... Words can't do justice to who she is. How could I not love that special soul. She wove herself into my soul day after day, night after night in the time we spent together in November and December. When I got to know her better and better, my initial in-love feeling was replaced with the deepest recognition of the karmic purpose she was meant to bring into my life: love, friendship, companionship in the world that often negates such pure souls. My soulmate. She shines as the gold after which her short name is given, and she soars like the planets after which she is named. Her mere presence in my life pacifies me, assures me that everything is as it should be, right in time, right in space. She reminds me that no matter how lonesome I may feel from time to time, that I am not alone. And I miss her everyday.

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