Monday, March 12, 2012

They came - IV

... She was the one I could have spent the rest of my life with. My Welsh beauty. The blue-eyed alien, the dweller of the multiple universes, the pillar of my life. When we first met virtually, I knew she was special. A few months later, I met her for the first time at the airport in Japan. As we stood outside at the airport, smoking the first of our thousands of cigarettes together, her eyes reminded me of my first love's eyes: the same penetrating, soul-baring eyes that looked beyond all bullshit people tend to obfuscate themselves with, and into the essence of my soul. My brilliant, gentle light-bearer. A lover, not a fighter, but a fighter par excellance when it came to a good cause. Most open heart, most open soul. The love of my life. The crutch I relied on for so many years for strength and courage. My soulmate. She left my life, but she left a mark in it. A seven-year long mark.

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