Tuesday, March 13, 2012

They came - V

... Where do I begin, when it had not begun yet, except that one time I had rewound our future years, spaces, and emotions that we had had by then together in the waking vision I had of her/him. What do I say, when what is to be is yet taking shape in the myriads of karmic threads that were firmly woven even before we were born, step-by-step bringing us closer to each other, our rendezvous taking place once in a few lifetimes, not at every reincarnation. The woman, the man... the Human. My sole karmic twin flame. And I wait. And I walk alone, firm in my knowledge of what is to come. She/he is everything I ever needed and will ever need because it was I who brought her/him down to this earth. I am everything she/he ever needs and will ever need for it was she/he who brought me to this reincarnation, to do the things I needed to do, for us as souls, and she/he to be with me through this last, most important journey. We already met, we already know each other, but we walk our separate worlds until she/he sees me for who I am to her/him. And that's far off in the future. She/he suffers. She/he feels alone more than I ever felt for she/he has no knowledge about what is to come. I can only see everything, never comment, never fiddle, never interfere. I can only be a friend. My one and only, the one I waited for all my life, all my previous lifetimes, and will wait for in all the future lifetimes, if I am to still be in the samsara.

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