Saturday, March 17, 2012

They came - VI

... He was one true bright light. For himself, for others. He shone light for he was the light. He no longer is among us, but hey, only physically. Towards the end of April 2009 I got the news he had passed away in a car accident a month and a half before, and it was a devastating day: I knew I'd lost one of my soulmates on this earth. From early March that year I got worried about not being able to contact him for days on end when we were re-starting the LGBT Centre's registration process, for he was to be one of the founders, as a proud gay man that he was. And then the news of his passing, a month and a half too late. How I cried that morning, that afternoon, the days that followed, never wanting to believe that he left me to fight alone against all the odds while he simply looked on. All that soul connection, all those days and nights talking about the true nature of the universe, how we never wanted to be reborn again as human beings... As I was meditating the next morning after the news that shook my world irrevocably, I was overwhelmed by the loss, and I couldn't hold my tears back, probably never getting even into the meditation. I let each and every one of my tears fall, acknowledging my loss, not yet coming to terms with it, and then all of a sudden I felt the immensely positive energy, love and peace, and I knew he had ascended, that he would always be there with me no matter what, that he was, is, still, with me, and will remain so. I could not believe it until I saw his photographs on the special alcove his mother had created at home, as the Buddhist and human tradition goes. He was the most beautifully pure soul, all love. I spent quite some time with him when he was just coming out at the age of 19, our friendship continuing for eight and a half years, but it was never enough, in the hindsight, for he was the purity and love incarnate, which I always felt and knew. My soulmate. The most beautiful boy I ever knew. The most beautiful being I ever touched. The most, the purest, the brightest, the bravest.

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