Friday, April 20, 2012

First surgery - check

The first of the three surgeries that I need to complete the sense of who I am is done. After freaking out at the PAI on 17 April, and for good reasons, I began to furiously search for other well-reputed surgeons who do FTM chest reconstruction in Thailand, and found Dr Pichet, a very kind man who was fantastic at communication, leaving out no information, or details both prior to the surgery as well as after. He and his team were nothing but kind, understanding, well informed, really and truly trans-sensitive as well. I am simply so grateful. At this time, I'd prefer to get my next two surgeries with Dr Pichet as well, when I can afford them. While I was in the pre-op room, I could overhear a conversation from time to time of the staff talking with another patient across the room. While on my way to shower, I saw her, too. She was a little big-boned, but really pretty, tall, blonde girl, someone also on her journey to transcend the boundaries of her birth sex. There were we, two individuals on a life-long journey, from two opposite corners of the world, and inexplicably our lives brushed briefly in a clinic of a Thai surgeon who, in a way, became a godfather to both of us. I was so touched, and so reassured by her presence. Although I wanted to talk to her, I wasn't sure my self-intro would be welcome, so I simply lay there, feeling supremely serene and happy that my surgery was finally taking place, only a day later than initially planned. Of course, the surgery was done under the general anaesthisia, so no memories. Was wheeled in at 5 minutes to 3pm, and woke up at 10pm. A little sore, a little painful around the chest area, only natural, couldn't keep my eyes open, so I slept and slept and slept. And this morning, after my medications I was discharged and brought back to my hotel where I am resting now. Just before going into my surgery, I kept remembering my dream I had in late March 2011, during my last days in the USA: I was looking at myself in the mirror, rubbing my hands over my flat, fully healed chest, grinning like an idiot and saying to myself "Finally! At the long last!!!"


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