Monday, April 16, 2012

In Bangkok

Landed last night, the travel itself uneventful, except for three-four girls who got on the plane from Seoul to Bangkok. The girls were obviously suffering from the strong side-effects of being male-to-female trans as one could see the 5 o'clock shadows on three of them, and so much Adam's apple, and a bit awkward make-up. People stared, sniggered among themselves. I wanted to go up to them, say hi or something, but then, why should I assume they would welcome my recognition, a recognition of a fellow trans dude of his fellow trans dudettes. People can have different reactions to such things, some even violent ones. 

Before I left, I met my mother, to say bye. As the plans fell through with the sale of the family heirloom she was giving me which would've helped me to come up with the money I was short on for the second surgery, I had explained to her that it was no longer two surgeries, but one surgery that I was going to get. And that I was not upset or anything, as things happen for a reason, always. She told me how a younger brother of hers asked her if she was ok with me doing what I am doing to modify my body to become "weird". Mom answered that it was my life, and my decision, and that the least she could do is not interfere. Apparently he then went on to say that he did now realise that I was a boy all the while because his wife used to look after me when I was about a year old, and told him stuff that I would do. Another small validation from relatives.

The travel, since this is the first travel abroad since I transitioned hormonally, I expected questions, "is this you?" etc, perhaps even worse at the immigrations. The only "Is this you?" I got was from a Korean Air desk when I was getting my miles recorded to my Skypass. Couldn't be happier. Immigration officers appear to be much better trained in face recognition than bank staff at a certain bank in Mongolia, good for the immigration! Have an early morning pre-surgery check-up with the hospital tomorrow. Until then, relaxing, reading, eating fruits, I guess. Signing off.

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  1. Woow ur english is really good... how can i learn english like u?? :))


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