Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last hours in Bangkok

A very happy dude, I am. I was picked up and taken across the city to Dr Pichet's clinic (link opens in a new window, by the way), and had some of the stitching removed. The rest of the stitches were left in place since the doctor said they could do another week in place. Which is fine by me, no hurry getting those off since I'm still travelling some thousands of kms and I'd rather feel they're safe in place than worry about the semi-healed stitches coming apart... Let them come off later. Seriously, I can't say enough thanks to the doctor and his wonderful staff!

The life-improving trip I had waited for for so long didn't start well after landing in Bangkok, as I had described my ordeal with the first clinic. Nevertheless, here I am, a very happy man, looking forward to getting home, in his last hours of Bangkok stay. When I get back tomorrow around this time, I'll stay the night in UB (I can guess about my one-night whereabouts since I don't have a place anymore), and will take a trip to the countryside to stay with my mother for a week or so for further recuperation. Mom will be excited to eat 5 kgs of mangoes (god knows where mother picked up super-luxurious eating habits and preferences, she was only a chick growing up in the socialist times in Mongolia! Albeit, mom was one of the handful of Mongolians who ever got to see the Beatles perform live in Bulgaria in the height of their fame, in 1969. I should really write a whole separate entry on that). Then I go back to the city and start looking for a proper job that will finance my further surgeries by Dr Pichet. Yes, it's time I became gainfully employed because the bar is only getting enough revenue to cover the lease, no more, no less. Also I'm tad tired of doing nothing but bar psychology day in and day out, despite my overwhelming love for my beautiful, diverse community. Time your older brother went back on the labour market!

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