Monday, April 23, 2012

Rain, snow, rain, rain, snow...

Apparently it rained and snowed last night in Ulaanbaatar, preceded as usual by an incessant dust storm for hours prior to the unleashing of the skies. It was still snowing there an hour ago, people wrote. I miss it all: silence as if everything's wrapped in the cottonwool, sounds buffered by the air itself, the air of greyish-white hue full of snowflakes, incredibly bright but at the same time clouded skies, and the best of all, huge flakes slowly waltzing to the ground, white ethereal icicles caressing the ground with each gentle landing -- serenity of it all. Have always loved the spring and summer snow in Ulaanbaatar, outworldly experience. Although not in Ulaanbaatar, I, too, was woken up by the rain last night: the tropical downpour drummed on the metal rooftop of a neigbouring house that extends right outside my 4th floor window. I listened to the beat of the downpour, sometimes growing stronger with the wind picking up and hurling sheets upon sheets of water onto my window, and then slowing down, and then again picking up. On and on and on. Exact opposites: bucketfuls of tropical rain and silent, humongous snowflakes.

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