Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reveal + tissue pathology results

As usual, the punctual driver from Dr Pichet was right on time to pick me up and to ferry me to the clinic where the drains and some stitches were rmoved. It won't be exaggeration to say that I am in love with my chest, hahahah! It looks amazing, all that I'd wanted since the time they started protruding, to my shock and horror. Gone. Only a beautiful flat chest remains. Dr Pichet said that he will do the final check up before I leave, and then I'll be clear for the travel back. The tissue pathology was done, as it is a must for transguys who had begun their hormones. The pathology test was clear, although it did show some cystic formations, which as one knows, have a a tendency to grow into benign tumours, if not removed on time, and those into malign. Which again, made me aware that I'd have to hurry up with the second surgery, the removal of other organs, at the earliest date possible. So definitely coming back to Dr Pichet in a few months when I'd scrubbed enough money together. Did I say that I was in love with my chest?! Ah, yes, of course. Never thought I'd be saying this about a male chest, of all things, but I'll just say it again: I am soooo in love with my chest, I'm gonna marry myself lol Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr Pichet! You, kind and compassionate miracle worker!

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