Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bitter, bitterer, bittersweeter

Everyone leaves footprints on earth as they walk, breathe, love, laugh, wander, wonder, cry and even as they leave this realm forever. The ones who had truly lived leave the biggest footprints, pawprints, fingerprints in the hearts of the people around. How to know you've lived well enough to have left an uneraseable mark in the hearts and souls of others? Tell them what's about to happen to you and watch their reactions. If they're loathe to let you go in any shape or form, you're ok to go albeit you'll be missed. If they're less than bittersweet about your departure, you'd better make sure you spend the rest of your days in a way that will ensure firmly printed footprints, pawprints, fingerprints. Bitter, impending departures turning into bittersweet memories even before the process of saying fare-thee-well begins. Bitter, bitterer, bitterest loss of a friend, to some lover, a comrade to many that will one day turn into bittersweet memories that light up the eyes when you remember the departed. Saying goodbye and farewell even before one parts in the meaningful way to ensure that you're ok after they parted - after all, it's not the loss per se, but our selfishness that wants to hold the dearest and nearest around and alive, even if it's killing them. Bitter, black memories of pain and suffering bleached by flowing time that eases the pain, but never fully erases it. I love you, my friend, and I'm grateful to know that I do have a few precious months with you, my sweet. Bitter, bitterer, bittersweeter...


  1. minii hairtai "Feist-Bittersweet melodies".g tanid zoriullaa


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