Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Randomer on LGBT rights in Mongolia - 2

Tonight on the eve of the IDAHO, I got one of the best news: the Executive Director of the LGBT Centre Otgonbaatar was asked to join the Civil Movement Party to stand in the parliamentary elections this June! Although the party is represented by very strong, passionate and capable women and men, it didn't gain seats in the Parliament last time, for obvious to anyone who's savvy in the Mongolian political and especially electoral situation reasons. This time there is a definitely better ground for the party to succeed, what all with the majority parties losing all the electoral confidence. Imagine, all my boldest dreams about the LGBT rights progress in Mongolia may thus become a reality much sooner than even I dared to think, if the long-standing comrade gets elected into the Parliament of Mongolia! It will be such a victory for the whole community, such a grand example, such an inspiration to the younger generation, and such personal vindication for so many voiceless among us. The day I will see an openly proud and out gay person in the legislature is close, oh so close! Such interesting times in Mongolia, LGBT folk, such exciting times.

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