Friday, June 22, 2012

roaches, assassins, lovers and rain

Feels like a monsoon season here - global warming! - most days it's drizzling, pouring, or at least spitting, all after a spell of few weeks of driest heat, afterwards humid heat adding to the sense of being in a tropical zone, at least in the spaces I inhabit. Nothing to report. Life continues as is, with all the roaches, assassins and lovers. Every day I'm aware I've come to a point in life where I know for a fact that I'm happy. Walk down the street - happy. See a child's pure smile - happy. See lovers' tenderness toward each other - happy. Wit sparring with friends - damn happy. Don't need anyone or anything special to feel happy. Don't need things to feel happy, although that helps ease the practical side of living. Serenity, happiness, lightness of being. Awareness of the fact that I'm ready to close a chapter, to finally dot the "i"s. And live to tell about it. There are few people I truly miss on almost everyday basis, but again, I'm now content knowing I had touched their souls, that they had equally touched mine, stayed in my life to move on when the time came. Dot the "i". Seriously. And live to write about all the roaches, assassins and lovers.

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