Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another instance of violence

Yesterday at around 10pm, two gay guys came into the bar, both quite drunk. Gerelt, a gay guy, told me that anyone could cut their hair short and become trans, and that he, too, could've been trans. He began calling me a bitch who has done nothing for the lesbians and gays in Mongolia. I answered that he could talk to me when he has done half of what I'd done for the communtiy and I moved away to sit at a table while I was working till then at the bar. He came to sit at my table, and asked me if I knew him, Chinzo's Gerelt, I said I didn't, and asked him to leave the table as I didn't want to talk to him. I kept asking him to leave, he stood up with a glass in his hand raised as if to strike and made a motion as if to strike, I pushed him away so as to not be hurt. He then struck me on the mouth, forced me back onto the sofa and started punching me on the head, and on my chest. Thank god the surgery wounds have healed up. Chinzo interfered, but my guess is that in fact he was holding me down as I was rained by punches, with two guys on top of me. For over an hour I had tried to call the police, but the trunks were busy, for over an hour. 

I'm sick and tired of the culture of violence. I am sick and tired of feeling incredibly insecure. Exhausted from the fact that people think they can violate each other, for no reason. I am sick and tired. The LGBT community in Mongolia has a long way to go, same with the society, in terms of self-respect, and respect for others, and their inviolate personal space.

My head's hurting since then. I thought a good night's sleep would help, but no.


  1. I truly respect you for who you are. Your blog gives me motivation and strength. It really sucks that the Mongolian community is still so close-minded. Be strong. Sending you the best of wishes!

    -Munkhzul. Kh

  2. Thank you for your kind words, and your encouragement. As for this incident, well, I truly believe that our community on the overall is much better than some of the individuals in it. As everywhere, there are good people and not-so-good people in this world.


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