Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No bounds, no ties, no promises

I'm in love. Been quite some time since I began to recognise my feelings. You know, you remember the first glimpses of those. They scared you then. Here, now: I've been acting as if I own you and that's a complete irrationality because I don't, and I won't. Neither would I want to possess you, I say, but I do, I do, I do. I know I'm in love and that's new, the process, the shades of feelings and the points of desires. Compellingly honest, for better or worse, my motto in life is to keep a complete transparency wherever possible, I had to express my feelings. Sometimes just to express is enough. Nothing required in return. Simply expressing what can't remain hidden anymore. How calm I remained when I was given a similar, but stronger confession of love a few days ago, almost unshocked, almost knowing. Calm... As if I knew what emotions underlay our very first hug that night. Same as you. You acted as if you already knew, as if you were almost expecting those words, those emotions. You remained so calm. Now take the love, that soul-to-soul recognition of greatness and goodness in you and me, and journey forth. No bounds, no ties, no promises.

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