Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For the record - 6

Fuck it. Totally. The judge took the decision within 3 minutes after announcing the recess. She wouldn't have had the time to read all 70+ pages of the case. She had completely dismissed my argument that this case was prosecuted under the wrong section of the Criminal Code, plus that the attack from 25 February was a hate attack. The case was dismissed. No justice was served. Even if I do go ahead with the appeal stage, the appeal level courts rarely, if at all, overturn the lower court's decision. Furthermore, they wouldn't re-classify the case to ensure the right prosecution. Since the perpetrator is on the loose, there is no guarantee for the safety of my person anymore. I have to make a decision, soon, to ensure my safety and equal protection. Haven't been this down in a long while. I feel like obliterating myself with hard liqueur, but that just doesn't serve any purpose, except to make me sick for the night. And all that exposure of myself as a trans dude, for this?! Case dismissed?! Fuck it. Completely.

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