Friday, October 5, 2012

Acceleration of the universe, etc.

Never been fond of mathematics, much better of physics, but the childhood fascination with astrophysics and cosmology continues on: I find myself these days genuinely wanting to study quantum physics, at least to the extent of self-improvement. Incredibly fascinating, the little facts of life such as that the universe is accelerating and expanding, that there is surely a correlation between the finite energy, the way quarks interact, and the infinite parallel universes multiplying at neck-break speed. The last few times I've been in love, I'd romanced weather, skies, and now, stars and galaxies. It's fairly normal, isn't it. Acceleration of time is what's happening in my world: I'm acutely aware of every day, of each night, of every hour, while at the same time I seem to be suspended in no-time zone. Suspended, I cling to ordinary routines: going to bed at the break of dawn, with numb brains and screaming fingertips, the dear face in my head, waking up with still that one only face, screaming heart, and numb tongue, act as if nothing has changed, but so much has changed and still is changing... Because the universe is expanding, my own.

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