Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update on love, life, and other L-letter words

My peace I give to you 

Love: nothing to report except that I'd become irrevokably convinced of my decision I made on 3 November that I must be thankful for the new world being opened by my emotions towards someone very special, to be open in the future to all possiblities those feelings uncovered in me, and to move on. That no matter how strongly or genuinely I felt, the feelings were never reciprocal, that the confession I'd shoved down their throat months ago was choking the life out of them. Three weeks ago I couldn't possibly imagine the state we'd be in today. Yet here we are, everything's working out for the best. Life: things in life except love are picking up. After weeks and weeks, or more like three months of walking with my head in the clouds, I finally decided to get into the work-mode, so been busy tackling the big translation job to be done by the end of December, which should enable me to buy my ticket to Quito. Other L letters: L is a beautiful letter, isn't it. So is someone whose name starts with L. - I'm seeing them on Saturday for the first date (well, it is a date to me...).

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