Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy birthday to myself :)

It's only an hour and a half till my birthday, physical, then on December 5 it'll be a year and a half since I began the hormone replacement therapy. Momentous year and a half, and an even better year, my 35th. I've certainly kept up my last resolution, to love myself more, and that's been awesome. In the process of listening to myself more and loving myself better, I made a discovery or two along the way. The past year was all about friendships, connections, digging deep into people and into myself, friendships fostered, souls touched, souls nurtured. Plus, the surgery number one was done, and to think I thought it would be years before I could afford that. Surgery number two: still haven't made up my mind when/where, still have a year and a half to deal with it, all in its good time. The end of January will also mark my last two years as a bachelor. Everything is as it should be. Peace, serenity and peace, again, are my modus operandi these days. No matter what, who, how. And this year's birthday resolution: to keep loving myself more, and to quit smoking. The month I spent in gym from mid-October to mid-November gave me glimpses of what I can do, so I want to continue working out, and smoking isn't really helpful. So happy birthday, Anaraa! I love you for everything you are and will be still! Happy 36th and happy year and a half, you, toddler :D

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