Saturday, December 8, 2012

I can see you

Your daily life is your school, your temple and your religion.
- Kahlil Gibran

 I'm in my bed talking to a friend. It's dark, noone can see. Tears pour. Cleansed... Freed. Finally letting it all down, talking.

What if we are to live in a world where each and every one of our emotions was felt with the exact strength, nuance and accent of their original by others? Could we stand all that naked truth from everyone, all that barrage of direct feelings and images? Could we keep our sanity? Or would that finally bring peace because people will finally be able to see people for who and what exactly they -- we all are? Would that enable better communicattion and problems solved with maximum outcome for everyone involved? The most ideal world, even? Global citizenship, at last, where the humanity is one? Call me a dreamer, I am that.

Why is it so painful to feel? After all this time, why does it feel painful to feel? I wasn't ready, but I am ready now. To move ahead without fear, negation, rejection. 

What if I knew what lay ahead even before it all started? What if I willed it to happen, by the sheer energy of thought? What if that, after all, was taken away in an instant that brewed, bubbled in a lazy, slowed-down version of volcanic lava bubbles, for which I should've been ready, but wasn't? What if... There shouldn't be anymore whatifs, it's not about choice anymore. It's simply a reality of my feelings that I'm learning to accept. Call me a human, I am that. A unique world all of my own as unique as yours or theirs, or anyone's. Fascinating as anything anyone finds fasciation in.

I can see you. I do. I have, for longer than I admit to myself. 

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