Friday, February 22, 2013

Advantages of dating a transguy

So last night I went to bed after a very fruitful day of working and nearly finishing up of the report, but being still high on caffeine after as many as eight cups of the liquid ambrosia that coffee is, I couldn't fall asleep. So I started thinking of funny things. And one thing led to another, and I suddenly thought that I must do a fun entry on the advantages of dating a transman. Such as myself. 

Number one: usually transmen come in different packages, we're what we were brought up in our respective families, communities, cultures, etc., the packages are all different, but not dissimilar: one thing we all share is the birth body, and thus the painful socialisation into that body, and all that goes with that body. Because we had been socialised into a painful for us gender, we had all gone through a female experience, some more than the others, some less. So for the straight transmen, that is the exact advantage. We're able to understand, empathise with women and women's problems. So when we're dating, we tend to be quite sensitive towards our dates, their feelings, positions, again, a huge advantage over many cis guys, in my eyes.

Number two: when you're dating a transguy, you never have to worry about a dick size, whether it's going to be too big, or too small. For the simple reason that most of us transmen don't undergo the very final surgery since the science is still lacking in its progress to effectively convert the female reproductive organs into a fully functioning, good-looking, good-feeling penis. Yes, of course, we have our own ones, but to be perfectly honest, they don't really come anywhere near the mother nature's gift to cismales. So we make do with whatever we find under hands, or can afford. Which means: the dick could be as big, or as small as you want. Unlike cismales, we can go and buy our dicks, in any size that our partner wants. Since it is something of our own extension, it is all ours, or so we consider, even if it didn't come appended to our scrotums from the beginning. Ain't that a huge advantage?!

Number three: transmen often make good parents. I never had a chance to parent, giving birth was always out of the question (no effing way for me! but a very real experience for some transmen, indeed), adopting hasn't happened so far as I'm still a nomad, but I would love a chance at a parenting. What I'd been exposed to since a kid makes me pretty sure that I would give all the freedom to do what/how my child pleases, as long as that's not harmful to anyone. So if you're dating a transguy, you will have, in the long term, when/if that long term happens, a very loving and understanding father for your children.

Number four: dating a transguy is exciting! Think about it: all your ideas of what constitutes a manhood had been experienced in a very unique way by transmen, so your transman will keep surprising you in all the areas of life, essentially. So if you're up for a lot of excitement in your life, if you're open-minded enough to allow yourself to like a transguy, you're up for a whirlwind of discoveries coming your way. 

And thus I sign off. Time to run for my Spanish class!

PS: Of course, there are disadvantages as well, but that is for the next time.


  1. :),сонирхолтой сонин сонин бичлэг ихтэй шүү, чиний булан. Ямар үед англиар, ямар үед монголоор бичдэгийн? Транс байна уу, гей байна уу тэрэндээ байдаггүй зүгээр хувь хүний онцлог байдаг юм биш үү? Би бол чамайг телевизээр л харж байсан.Өөртөө их итгэлтэй, зоригтой, гал шиг ассан, багтаж ядсан энергитэй санагддаг..Би бас чамтай дэйтэлж байна гэж төсөөлдөг л байлаа. Галаар "тоглох" бас ч амаргүй шүү :)

  2. :) зөвхөн монголчууддаа зориулахаар монголоор, бас сэтгэлдээ байгаа зүйлээ англиар хэлмээргүй бол монголоор. монголоос бусад хүмүүс уншаасай гэхээр англиар бичдэгийн. бүх зүйл хувь хүний онцлог, гэхдээ транс хүмүүс бас онцлог, тэр дундаа. хммм телевизээр гарах үес шилжилтээс өмнөх, дотроо байгаа бүгдээ нуудаг байсан үеийнх, бүгд. гал уу, хэхэх. гал луу, нумын ордонд төрсөн болохоороо гал шиг санагддаг байх. гэхдээ гүнийн гүндээ маш их тайван хүн, их олон амраг хайрт тэгэж хэлдэг байсан гэхээр үнэний ортой. тэрийгээ шилжилтийнхээ дараа л хамаагүй илүү мэдэрч, ил болгож байна. амьдралдаа гаргасан олон зөв буруу шийдвэрийн хамгийн зовлонтой ч хамгийн зөв, хамгийн их эрсдэл авчирсан ч хамгийн их аз жаргалыш өгсөн шийдвэр, шилжилт маань. хүн өөрийгөө мэдэрч байгаагаа бүрэн дүүрэн хүлээн зөвшөөрнө, түүнийгээ амьдрал болгох боломжтой байна гэдэг л гайхамшиг.

  3. Чиний тэр гvнийн гvн дэх тайван чинь ямар бvлээн дулаахнаар надад мэдрэгдсэн гээч..энэ vгийг л бас хайгаад явсан юм шиг байна :) баярлалаа

    1. wow, thanks :) why not. if someone felt me through my writings, be it. i congratulate myself on being able to convey, express myself through my writing ;) аймаар онгирсон айн хэхэх

    2. :)Чи угаасаа өөрийгөө үгээр ч тэр, эмоциороо ч тэр илэрхийлэхдээ дэндүү гарамгай юм байналээ.Чаддаг зүйлээрээ онгироход болку юм байхгүй биз :)


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