Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quito chronicles - 1

Today's exactly my fifth day in Quito. Have tasted the local flavour through food, music and foraying briefly to old Quito, my domicile eventually. Old Quito is full of churches, cathedrals, old buildings dating to the 17th century, I loved the feel of it. Have even taken the public transport twice on my own, didn't get lost, except people stared at me, a lot. I just took that as a compliment to my handsomeness ;) Have experienced the glimpses of the Latin American culture through the queer reading by Pedro y Nelda, a gay Chilean writer and artist (during which I shamelessly nodded off, and slept through -- felt bad, but couldn't help it: jetlag, 13 hours of time difference, blah-blah), the open-air concert on Wednesday where the absolute stars were the Los Nin, a hip-hop/rock/traditional Andean fusion band. My favourite literary character, Arthur Burton of Gadfly by Ethel Lilian Voynich, spent his youth in Ecuador, where he learnt Quechua, which is also sung in the video below. A lovely sounding language, want to learn it at least on a basic level after Spanish.

Otherwise, have been busy working on the report for the Centre, for which I still need data to finish up. Meanwhile Eli's been busy working on an article, which meant that we both were simply doing our own things cooped up in our respective homes, meeting for lunches, Eli & Ana updating me about and around Proyecto Transgenero, the Trans House, etc. In brief, I've been taking things easy this week before I move to my studio on Monday, before I can begin to settle down properly, start getting into a rhythm of life, like starting the Spanish classes, going to gym, getting my dog. Yes, I'm adopting a puppy! A labrador and a dalmation mix called Yikee. Haven't met him yet, hopefully we will click, hopefully he will like me. I'm thinking of renaming him into something that might be recogniseably Mongolian, like Ikhee, will see because apparently he already answers to Yikee. Never had a dog, always wanted one, begged my parents as a kid at every opportunity for a puppy -- literally every one of my birthdays till I was 15 I had asked for a dog -- they never caved in because they thought a dog would be too much for a two-bedroom apartment I grew up in. Then at 15, I eventually managed to sneek in my first cat, Mimi, who pretty much behaved like a dog, like greeting everyone at the door, etc. Mongolians didn't like cats so much then as they seem to do now, but my family grew to love Mimi who was the sweetest thing ever. A canine companero Yikee who will eventually end up in Mongolia with me. Wow... I've learnt to trust that things happen for the right reasons, have witnessed all that and more in my life, especially in the last two years, so I'm trusting this dog adoption as well. That's pretty much it for now. 

PS: Dreamt I went bald last night, with a band of intact, very thin hair like a Catholic priest's tonsure around my head... Eli reminded me of the dream when she asked whether I lost hair since my HRT. Yes, I did, and I am still losing hair, and I wouldn't want to go all bald, but if that happens, I'll live. I will never be of those people who wear wigs. 

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