Monday, February 4, 2013

Quito chronicles - 2

2 February, Saturday:
1. Eli & Ana introduced me to Ana-Carolina, a lovely lady, a leader of one of the transwomen's associations (trans sex workers' association, that is) in Quito. Note to self: what can I do about this field that has been completely omitted by the mainstream feminists in Mongolia? They never wanted to touch LGBT issues with a pole from afar (even the ones who called themselves true feminists (in my eyes, they were falsemenists), which thankfully changed since 2009. However, they never really engaged on or touched the subject of sex work, meaning the whole sex work paradigm has been left out from the dialogue on gender and women's rights in Mongolia. And transwomen's sex work and related issues within sex work paradigm is a totally different, a bit more complicated kettle of fish that needs to be dealt with and put out in the open. How, how, how... I'll keep thinking.
2. Six Tonic Lounge Club -- my first visit to a gay bar in Quito. Quito has 2 million people, that would mean that there could be as many as two hundred thousand of us in and around Quito alone. Need to start going out in a month to this and other places when I'm a little more conversational in Spanish, I would love to meet new people, make friends and maybe more, who knows.

3 February, Sunday:
Avenida de los volcanes train route passing through Tambillo, Machachi, El Bolicho and Catalunga -- breathtaking, gorgeous, soul-searing vistas of the sierras. I officially declare to be in love with Ecuador, and it's only after seeing the parts of the sierra. Imagine what I'll say when I see the coast and El Oriente! Thanks and thanks and thanks! Can't wait to see the rest of the country at some point. And then I may never leave.  That's a chance Eli & Ana will have to take!

4 February, tomorrow:
1. Police training by the Cuerpos Distintos that I will tag along. The Cuerpos Distintos have developed the training module/textbook on gender-sensitive, trans-sensitive policing, which is an official part of the Police academy curriculum, something the Centre is still to do, well included in its Legal Programme plan.
2. Move to my very own studio!

5 February, the day after:
1. How could I ever forget: I'm going to my first ballet in Ecuador! Beautiful Gustavo, a new friend, Cuerpos Distintos team member, is one of the lead dancers at the Ballet Nacional de Ecuador, and he's got a performance of a new ballet Tatuaje on Tuesday. Have an invitation that is valid fo two! Very much looking forward to the ballet. I'm sure I will be thinking of all the hours Tulgaa, Erhem and I spent in Roy's loge at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, with one particular instance when I had laughed so hard as if I was at a really good comedy performance... Never had I laughed at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, hopefully never will, again (the lead baritone was killing his arias and one couldn't but laugh).
2. Spanish classes begin!

9 February, Saturday:
Cuerpos Distintos projects overview, strategic planning, fundraising, etc. brainstorming with the team!

And sometime during the next week I will welcome Yik, my adoptee pup, into my life. Esto es vida!

PS: I brought rains with me. Been feeling blue, a little, and as it often is the case, the skies start crying with me, too. Happening again. In another country. After so many years. Morancer of the skies!

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