Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quito chronicles - 3

Two weeks in. Ten days of rain. A day in my very own place in the historical centre of Quito from the terrace of which I can see the Basilica, plus most of the old Quito. I can smoke inside or outside on the terrace, up to me, could only smoke outside at the religious residence. The whole of Ana's birth (parents, siblings) and love family (Eli) helped out yesterday to move -- 20 chairs, 9 tables, a bed, 3 mattresses, innumerable boxes were a fit indeed! -- so thank you so much. Why do I need so much? Well, for someone who had always had only the barest of necessities, this all is excessive, a bit overwhelming, truth be told, but looks like the living room will be the unofficial Cuerpos Distintos HQ for the time being -- the more the merrier. Exlpored my neighbourhood in the morning a bit, found a gym right next to the Basilica for a good monthly fee, some fruterias, a good bakery shop for coffees and attacks of "sweet-tooth". Healthy diet, building muscles where needed, burning fat (the HRT-related fat redistribution ended up giving me quite a paunch!) helped out by the very steep streets of the old Quito. I promised myself that I will be a very fit-bodied dude by July. Will have quit smoking by then, too. Still working on the report, but I aim to finish within tonight. The Lunar New Year's happening back home, coinciding with the Carnaval festivities in Ecuador. Did my small yearly ritual, chanting and throwing tobacco (for want of pieces of wood). Missed some dudes and dudettes yesterday as I have some very fond memories of the last year's Lunar New Year, Bituun and the first. Not the second. Departure of a dear friend, followed by a violent attack from Erdenedalai Ganzorig were a bit too much to take. The dude was found criminally guilty of his attack, but he was never given a punishment which is ridiculous, goes against the whole criminal justice principle that all criminals carry out a due punishment. Signing off.

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