Friday, February 15, 2013

Quito chronicles - 5

A vindication, a mourning. Everything coexists in this world. The Quito Municipal Council resolved unanimously this afternoon to name the annual prize for the outstanding work in sexuality and sexual diversity after an Ecuadorian LGBTI activist, a writer, a playwright, a thinker, a fighter for social justice Patricio Brabomalo Molina (1977-2005). His 28 years of life left a bright trail of star dust that still sparkles brightly in people's minds and hearts. One of the founders of the first lesbian organisation in Ecuador, Causana, a writer who published his first book at the age of twelve, a gay guy who wrote a protest play about homosexuality "516 caresses" after the Criminal Code clause that criminalised same-sex sexual activity until 1997, a feminist gay guy (not very many of them/us are running around in this world, believe me), a transrights activist who worked closely with Eli on a number of legal initiatives and projects, his name is now immortalised, his memory honoured, rightly so. But more than that, he's still loved, for he lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew him. I remember the first time Eli was telling me about him in Geneva back in 2008, a special karmic connection that people make -- who knows for what reasons, but there are such connections, whether one believes in these things or not. Another life was honoured today, for she, too, is loved, and remembered and thus kept alive in many people's hearts. Evelyn, a transwoman, an activist, a sex worker, a beautiful woman full stop, was violently murdered on 14 February 2011. Proyecto Transgenero honours her memory every year today. All these emotions of sadness, victory, grief and vindication... As a humanity we have such a long way to go. As human beings in this imperfect world, all we can do, all we can be is the best we know how to be in our own, fucked-up ways. The rest will fall into its place. It always does.

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